Browse case studies, tools and formats that can help inspire and strengthen your virtual community building efforts
Slack-powered community rituals
The Civics Unplugged Fellowship community
Challenges and insights on impact measurement
Impact Hub
Co-budgeting, a practice for engaging community members in decision-making
League of Intrapreneurs
Virtual Reality BarCamp: Online Skill Sharing
Bosch Alumni Network
Experience with the Community Canvas
Climate KIC Alumni Association
Exploring the Edges
Getting clear on your engagement strategy for designing the right learning agenda
Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF)
Building a community for innovators in conservation
Panda Labs
A community for impact
Amani Institute Changemaker Community
Growing your community by decentralising its structure
Bosch Alumni Network
Lessons Learned from growing the Impact Hub community
Impact Hub
U.lab connects online & offline for a global learning experience
Working towards an inclusive society starts with your community
Singularity University
A doocracy-based decision-making mechanism
How learning agendas empower our community of intrapreneurs?
League of Intrapreneurs
Learning Exchange Grants
Bosch Alumni Network
Salesforce Community Cloud
Impact Hub
The Importance of Intentionality in Community Maturation
A Community Driven by Enthusiasm
The Borderland
Strategies to guide virtual community conversations
Greater Than
From emergency interventions to virtual meditation
In-person meetings are foundational to communities
Learning from 10-years of community building
Community Strategy & Community Building
Questions and advice to think about how your community can be more Inclusive and diverse community
Enspiral’s Communication Guidelines as an inspiration for you.
In depth explanation of the Community Commitment Curve by CMX and some useful worksheets
Set up a virtual mentoring programme to build relevant knowledge while supporting personal development based on WWF’s experience.
The CMX Community Strategy Canvas is a strategy tool around business alignment, membership cohesion, and positioning
The CMX’s 7 P’s of Community Framework helps you solidify community belonging
A tool to help you set-up the strategy of your impact driven community
Looking at 5 skill areas of a community builder and sub-skills within those.
Content planning template in which you can include insights on your audience mapping
Governance Structure & Leadership
A simple tool to support you when applying coaching as a way of supporting and leading relevant members of your community created by the Organizers Handbook
Working Groups - help your community to self-organise working groups to address themes relevant to the community or organise impact focused initiatives
A conversation guide if you want to establish a partnership with an organisation or another community
A simple tool to support you when applying coaching as a way of supporting members of your community from the Organizers Handbook
A great source to learn more about how to effectively organise communities, originally tailored for teams organising campaigns but still very applicable to communities
Enspiral’s Stewarding Guide provide a solid piece of culture-first technology for online groups
Ensprial supports small groups that are doing work directly related to their “core” work
An inspiration for how organisations can organise in a decentralised manner.
Key steps of collaborative funding via the co-budgeting tool in groups and organizations
Loomio is a tool that enables participatory and iterative decision-making for communities
Consensus is a process that involves everyone who is fundamentally affected by a decision. The tips apply to any meeting that you want to be inclusive and effective.
A list of tools for meetings mostly for in-person but many easily transferable for virtual settings about prioritisation, evaluating ideas, warm-up, etc.
Creative Reaction Lab pioneered a framework that acknowledges and utilizes the role of people + systems + power when developing solutions or approaches that impact the many.
200 questions you can use as icebreaker questions in your community that aim at building trust and creating a sense of belonging
Icebreakers for virtual teams that can easily be adapted to remote workgroups or any virtual meeting hosted.
How to host a virtual coffee by Collaboration superpowers.
How to have a great video conference set-up by Collaboration superpowers
Virtual graphic harvesting is a means to capture ideas in a visually engaging way - an example.
StepUpBC’s Innovation Co-Learning Guidebook provides pointers on the process for an Idea Navigator to co-create and coordinate an innovation lab.
A document that you can use to brief your speakers on the overall goals and technology for a virtual session or online conferences
Description of the role and tasks of the facilitator and the supporter when hosting a virtual session.
A step by step guide to support you in setting up successful virtual calls or workshops from marketing to follow-up
A simple template to discuss the main objectives of a call and content elements before going into more detailed planning. includes an example from a call hosted by WWF.
Kumu makes it easy to organize complex data into relationship maps such as stakeholder maps or sub-communities
Trello helps you track progress of a project as a group
Miro offers virtual space for all your company’s layers of notes, media, data, and other inputs—all from different sources and in different formats
GroupMap offers customisable brainstorming templates for meetings and workshops that help your team think better together
Conceptboard provides interactive space for remote teams to collaborate from idea conception to final approval for product development, marketing, coaching
Coggle allows you mindmap live and share with others our drawings and flow charts
Cardboard helps you frame and design customer journey maps and visualize user experiences, workflows, or test paths
Mixed is a real-time whiteboard for distributed teams
Ziteboard is a zoomable online whiteboard with realtime collaboration and simple teamworking to visualize your ideas and design together
We have a whole question on technology and platforms - take a look.
Virtual Open Project Night
Host an online space where innovative ideas can be pitched and other participants can give feedback or decide to join a team.
Virtual Jury Meeting
During this Virtual Jury Meeting, some jury members are in the same physical location, while others join the meeting virtually
Virtual Failure Night
During a failure night, people from across an organisation are invited to share a failure they went through and share key learnings and insights.
Live Written Discussion
Use your community platform to get members to discuss a facilitated discussion. Panellists and audience members respond to questions and each other.
Virtual Conference
Conferences can also be hosted online. This format is accessible to anybody with an internet connection. Plan your event meticulously and connect people.
Global Mash-up
An event combining online and offline elements to create connectivity within a community that operates in multiple locations.
Learning Sprints
Create an online space to share knowledge, opinions and collective intelligence by collecting unique knowledge, experience, and perspectives to learn and grow.
A ready to use icebreaker for you.
Members Unplugged
Q&A session designed to learn about the real and honest work of community members.
Fireside Chats
Fire Side Chats are open spaces for members to have intimate conversations with our mentoring team via a 90 min Zoom call with 8 participants and a mentor.